Shelly's History

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Hi, I’m Shelly! Over 20 years ago at the age of 18, I purchased my first condo. Since then I have traveled all over the U.S. and the world. I was so impressed by the luxury of the accommodations, that a stay in an average hotel room was never again an option for me. Because I loved to travel and stay at these resorts so much so, I continued to purchase additional units at my favorite Wyndham Resorts.

Being a creature of comfort, I liked having everything I needed right at my fingertips. A fully equipped kitchen is an absolute must for me – while still in my p.j.’s, it allowed me to brew my ”cup of Joe” first thing in the morning. Each day offered an opportunity to partake in all water sports (my passion is scuba diving), swim in the ocean, relax by the pool, or do some local sight-seeing. Easy access to my condo enabled me to have a quick snack or light lunch or prepare frozen margaritas for afternoon/evening parties. Of course when I was single, I traveled with my girlfriends all the time. I liked having my own bedroom with a television, shower, and Jacuzzi tub. Each condo with two or three bedrooms enabled us to spend time together, yet also provided us with personal space.

Now that I have a very young family, I don’t have the opportunity to travel as often as before. When my husband and I and the children do travel, we have all the conveniences of home and this makes it much easier for us to care for them. Preparing simple meals and snacks in a fully equipped kitchen is also a cost saver. Because our family traveling has lessened, I decided to begin renting my units to friends and families and have grown into a real vacation rental company with your help, repeat business and referrals. I strive to give good service and provide reasonably priced condos to all my customers in spacious four and five star accommodations (often for less that the cost of a small hotel room).

It has been gratifying to know that I have helped both singles and families plan their vacations and to hear about the fun times they have enjoyed. I am so glad when the same people come back to me year after year in order to help them plan the next memory filled vacation. Vacations are so precious and so few. I look forward to helping you plan your next INCREDIBLE and AFFORDABLE getaway.

Owner and fellow vacationer!