Privacy Policy

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We respect your privacy and are committed to creating a safe environment for you to browse and make online reservations. Your trust and confidence are our highest priority...

1. Privacy of user information

We collect only the pertinent information necessary to make and confirm your reservation. We collect contact information such as your name, address, and email address. If you place a reservation through our site we will collect billing information. We do not sell, rent, or share user information except as described in this privacy policy.

Information We Gather

At various times you may contribute your personal data to us. For example, in order to process a request or enquiry you may make concerning a property or transaction, we need to know all or some of the following: your full name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and, in the case of a member's (advertising) listing, a method of payment. You may also contribute personal data to us at other times, such as when registering on the Site.

2. Newsletters

As a member of the Site, you will receive our periodic newsletter, which is an integral part of the service we provide. Users may cancel their subscription to these newsletters at any time.

3. How your information is used for internal purposes and secured

To use our site, you must have cookies enabled on your browser. The use of cookies allows us to collect valuable data regarding your visit to our site which is used to better serve you and to deliver content and services that are relevant to you based on your previous visits to the site. Any data that we collect via cookies is used strictly for internal purposes and are not tied to personally identifiable inform

4. Pay- pal payments

Credit cards used to pay for goods or services are processed through an outside company PayPal. All information sent to these companies will not be shared with outside parties and will not be used for purposes other than those stated above.

5.  Updates or Opt-Out

We are interested in maintaining the most current and accurate information about each of our visitors. If you have provided personal information to us in the past and have moved or changed email addresses, please let us know. This site gives users the following options for updating or removing their information from our database and to start or stop receiving communications or services.

We may need to make changes to our information practices or alter the functionality of our Web site. You are responsible for staying alert of changes in this policy.